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Cloud Provider Interface (Version 1)

For a big picture overview of the sequence of CPI calls, the following resources are helpful:

If you're looking to get started on building a CPI, this short guide may be helpful. To learn more about the technical implementation, continue reading or refer to the RPC Interface for more details.


  • cloud ID is an ID (string) that the Director uses to reference any created infrastructure resource; typically CPI methods return cloud IDs and later receive them. For example AWS CPI's create_vm method would return i-f789df and attach_disk would take it.

  • cloud_properties is a hash that can be specified for several objects (resource pool, disk pool, stemcell, network) to provide infrastructure specific settings to the CPI for that object. Only CPIs know the meaning of its contents. For example resource pool's cloud_properties for AWS can specify instance_type:

- name: large_machines
  cloud_properties: {instance_type: r3.8xlarge}